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Review : Marathi Movie Guru Purnima is a Love Story But With a Twist

Guru Pournima marathi Movie

Ratings : ***

Sai Tamhankar and Upendra Limaye starrer Guru Purnima released today to be received warmly by the audience. The actors who are said to be make the most interested pairing on screen aroused curiosity amongst the fans. But I must say it is the title that catches attention more than anything else. Guru Purnima is not a story about a student teacher relationship as the title might suggest. In fact it is an out and out love story that captures you once you are inside the theatre.

Sai plays an ambitious girl who knows only her goals and the means to achieve them. She is unable to strike a balance between her personal and professional life. The story is about her discovery of her true means and meaning of happiness. How her life goes for a roller coaster ride once Upendra enters her life. The transformation is not Sai ‘s alone . It is also Upendra’s for whom life opens up a new route altogether.

Sai had recently said in an interview that she could say yes to the film only after she could shed the awe she had for an actor of the like of Upendra. The actress claimed it was an interesting as well as a difficult role. But it must be said that the actress has successfully pulled off the task to portray a girl that is both innocent and crafty at the same time. Upendra ‘s character has varied shades. And the actor once again proves that he is adept at acting and a master of the craft.

The music by Avinash Vishwajit is apt for the film and it enthuses a soul and energy into the film. The director Girish Mohite has pulled off a difficult task of bringing to life a concept that appeals to the young and the elder alike, but it needed a careful treatment to maintain the freshness that is lacking in many love stories these days.

The movie shot mostly in the exotic locales of Goa is a visual treat. Sai is hot and Upendra is scintillating. Watch this movie for the performances. Watch it for their dramatic love and for love which never fails to get dramatic.

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