Mercedes Blanche: The Dynamic Rise of a Viral TikTok Influencer and Talented Actress

Mercedes Blanche, also known as Mercedesz Meszaros, is a Hungarian-born Canadian actress who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her breakthrough came with a main role as X-Ray Supe in Season 3 of the popular series “The Boys.” Prior to pursuing acting, she initially studied Project Management and later honed her acting skills at LB Acting Studios in Toronto. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Mercedes has been expanding her acting career with notable guest roles in projects like “Robyn Hood” (2023) as Maddie, “Slumberland” (2022), “The Boys” (2021), and more.

Mercedes has garnered attention and opportunities in various locations, from Los Angeles, California to Budapest, Hungary. Her talent and versatility have allowed her to leave an impact from coast to coast, while also amassing an international following. In addition to her acting pursuits, Mercedes has gained significant popularity on TikTok, where she boasts a massive following of 8 million fans. With her charismatic presence and fluency in both Hungarian and English, she brings her all to each role she takes on and actively advocates for equality both within and beyond the realm of entertainment.

After moving to Canada, Mercedesz Meszaros found herself working a corporate 9-5 job. However, during her breaks, she couldn’t resist the pull of creating TikTok videos. Sneaking away from her desk, she would record and post TikToks, sometimes up to 10 times a day. Her niche in producing dancing and humorous content quickly caught on, and within weeks, her videos went viral on the app.

“I always felt so alive making TikToks whenever I had the opportunity,” Mercedesz shared. “Part of me always wanted to please people and have a normal corporate job, so I tried my best to fit in. I just couldn’t.”

With an impressive following of 7 million social media followers, Mercedesz has become a well-known and influential personality in the realm of social media.

When asked about how she achieved viral success, Mercedesz explained, “When I started TikTok, I posted seven to ten times a day. I wanted to blow up, and eventually, it happened. Another important factor is finding your niche. For example, if you do cooking videos, it’s best not to switch to dancing videos. The algorithm categorizes you, so it’s challenging to switch between content.”

Addressing the issue of negativity online, Mercedesz revealed, “There was a year, I think it was 2020 during Covid, when depression hit me so hard. I had a therapist and had to be on medication because I just couldn’t cope. That’s when I blew up on TikTok too. I faced a lot of hate on social media, which was very difficult to overcome for about a year. But then I told myself that if I wanted to pursue this, I needed to gather myself and not let it destroy me. Other people, even more famous ones, have gone through it, so I can too.”

Mercedesz didn’t stop at TikTok; she quickly expanded her career into the acting industry after landing a speaking role on a project. Surprisingly, her Hungarian accent caught the attention of a director.

“I was literally a background extra, and they called me over and gave me a line because the director liked my accent,” she laughed. “I thought that was so cool because I’ve been told I wouldn’t be able to be an actress because of my accent, but in the end, it was my accent that set me on this path.”


When asked about her love for acting, Mercedesz expressed, “It is very challenging for me to showcase different aspects of myself, and I believe that’s the beauty of acting. If you can only do one thing, I don’t consider that acting. You should be flexible and open-minded. Even if they told me I needed to get five tattoos to be cast, I’d say sure. I could get them removed afterward. Or go completely bald, which I’ve done. That’s the best part of it.”

Offering advice to aspiring influencers, Mercedesz encouraged, “If you’re truly passionate about it, just do it. No matter what. No excuses. Attend auditions, meet people, collaborate with others, and eventually, it will lead you to places.”

Mercedesz has always aimed to use her influence for good causes, such as helping shelters, and she continues to do so. “I love raising money for people. I was fascinated by how much a person could change, and I just wanted to be one of those people. It has worked out well; seven million followers is pretty good. I’m very grateful I embarked on this journey.”

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