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Review : Gulabi Marathi Movie, A Bar Dancer cum Police Officer Fighting For Rights and Wrongs

gulabi marathi movie

Ratings : ***

Gulabi is about bar dancer of the same name and a police officer who is steadfast and principled. It becomes a war between the bar girl ( Pakhi ) who earns her living by dancing in the bar and the police officer ( Sachin Khedekar ) who sets out to close down the bar as directed by his higher authorities. Gulabi is an important attraction in the bar and there are many customers who visit the bar because of her. The saucy dancer who is bold as well determined to save her profession indulges in ego clashes and a war of morality when she challenges him that she will continue with her profession in the same bar.

Dealing with a subject that can be saucy, the film borders between being a tantalizing film and one about morals. It is interesting to see the dancer defend her controversial profession which borders about prostitution. She claims to defend the dignity of her profession by saying that it is her dancer that she earns by dance not her body. While the inspector is scathing and insulting, she displays herself with dignity which is interesting to watch.

Sachin Khedkar on the other hand could not have better represented a police man who is honest and loyal to his job at the same time being a disciplinarian who is unmoved by the charms of Gulabi who is a heartthrob for others. It gets hot only on one occasion when the officer decide to visit the house of the dancer to discuss an important issue and he ends up there when she is bathing. The script has been carefully written to avoid anything that can be substandard for the film is not intended to present anything of that’ sort. It is clear that the subject of the film is only to depict the question whether the officer will succeed to bring the dance from an erring path or will the dancer succeed to uphold her dignity.

Gulabi, after trying all means from bribe to requesting on the officr, throws a challenge at him that he too will come to her bar and acknowledge the dignity of her profession. Pakhi and sachin Khedkar have handled their distinct performances very diligently. Director Guddu Dhanao has done a decent job of giving a just treatment to the subject. Music by Dilip Sen & Santok Singh Dhaliwal is soulful and keeps the pace of the film.

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