Ketaki Mategaonkar

Ketaki MategaonkarKetaki Mategaonkar Bio

Born: 22 February 1994
Age : 24 years
Height : 5.1
Birthplace : Nagpur
Education: Hislop College
Occupation : Actress

Ketaki Mategaonkar is a M Town actor who hails from Nagpur and was born on 22 February 1994. She was born and brought up in this city completing his schooling from Nagpur from Kalmadi High School. She is currently pursuing her graduation in English Literature from Nagpur University. As she comes from the family with music, it was obvious to see her interest in this field and wanted to something in this field. Apart from actor, she is also a performer, singer and social worker.  Once she completed her studies, she headed to Mumbai to start her career in films and acting world.

Ketaki Mategaonkar Wiki


Ketaki possess a beautiful and scintillating voice that delighted listeners in various Marathi films. Her fame increased widely after she played a lead role in the 2014 released romantic comedy Timepass. The film went on make huge sums of money and also got appreciation from all the corners. Her spontaneity and natural screen presence was noted to be one of the attractions of the film.

As a new comer in the industry who has spent barely three years here, Ketaki has a huge fan following among the youngsters. Her girly charm is her biggest asset in acting.

She started working young performing on stages and other platforms when she was barely four years old. However, her debut in Marathi movie started with the film called Shala. She has also acted in a number of Marathi movies including Aarohi, Taani and Kaksparsh along with movies Taani and Timepass she has played an important role. With Timepass playing a young student of a typical father who happens to be a clerk at Baba Atomic Research Center (BARC), she rose to popularity and was given rave reviews for her performance. In fact, she also bagged a number of awards including Zee Marathi and others with this performance apart from getting nominated at every award function.

Her recent movies include Phuntroo , Kakparsh and others. Besides she is also a good singer and has sung a number of films including both the Hidni and Marathi movies. These include for the film Dashavatar, Shala, Taani, Rangakarmi, Timepass, Bhatukali, Ishq Wala Love, Timepass 2, Phuntroo, Tamil movie Kaksparsh,  Marathi film  YZ  and for Marathi film for Photocopy.  Talking about her personal life, she utilize her time for social activities and is therefore engaged a lot with several NGOs and thus seen in different social initiatives. Besides, she is very much connected to her family and barely has anyone in her life.  She is not in any kind of relationship with anyone and hence not at dating anyone as she is focusing on her career at the moment. Stay tuned to know more about her and other activities.


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