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Priya Bapats wins hearts in Time Pass 2

Priya Bapat’s biggest asset is her pretty face and spectacular smile that vibrates energy all around her. Her portrayal of Praju in the recently released Time Pass 2 has endeared this lovely actress even more to the Marathi audiences.

Being an accomplished stage actress as well, Priya Bapat , is now well acquainted with all the aspects of acting and pulls off every character she plays with ease and a distinct gaiety of her own. No matter whether it is a bubbly girl she is playing or a sober one, she breathes life into her character like none other actress does. Time Pass 2 demanded her to be both vivacious as well as sober and how naturally she acted the role is there for everybody to see.

Priya is married to accomplished actor Umesh Kamat. Her last film Happy Journey had also won accolades for her. The actress, who is known for her versatility in portraying characters, believes in maintaining work life balance. She gives priority to her work but not at the cost of family. She is a health and fitness enthusiast and believes in maintaining a healthy life style in order to keep stress away.

There is one thing that Priya has in common with her character in Time Pass 2 that is ambition. This ambitious girl has carved a niche for herself in the acing domain.

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  1. Cute photos : ) I ptalicurarly like the shot of the little one relaxing amidst the green tall grass and yellow flowers makes you want to be transported there to breathe the fresh spring air!

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