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Marathi Movie Box Office Collection and Movie Collection Worldwide

Deva Ek Atrangee & Gachchi 1st Day Box office collection

Deva Ek Atrangee & Gachchi

The M Town had two films Deva Ek Atrangee & Gachchi hitting the screens on this Festive Friday. Looking at the way the films have performed over the box office. Well, let’s talk about the first film called Deve Ek Atrangee, which was released this Friday had been doing better. Well, …

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Hampi Box Office Collection Till Date

Hampi Trailer

The marathi film Hampi is a love, drama film  which featured Sonalee Kulkarni, Prajakta Mali and Lalit Prabhakar along with Priydarshan Jadhav (in supporting role). The film has a decent review thanks to the interesting story along with lots of twist and love triangle creating problems between the two best …

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Dashakriya & Hampi 1st weekend box office Collection

Dashakriya & Hampi

The M Town also has a busy Friday, as it had two movies releasing the same day, which included Dashakriya and Hampi. Now, let’s talk about these films and the way these have performed in the screens. Let’s start with the first film called Dashakriya, which happens to be a drama …

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Thank U Vitthala 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

The M Town is no short of movies though it doesn’t release like B Town yet one can see a tangible amount of films released at the end of the year. This Friday, we had the film Thank U Vitthala, which even carried a B Town actor as well, Mahesh …

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Faster Fene 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Faster Fene

The M Town has no dearth of good movies that is known to have done a wonderful business. And the last Friday released movie called Faster Fene is certainly not an exception. The film not only done well on the first day but has gained a decent collection over the …

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Ubuntu And Vitthala Shappath 1st Day Box Office Collection

Ubuntu And Vitthala Shappath

This Friday, the M Town has two films to hit the theaters. These include Ubuntu and Vitthala Shappath. Both the films belong to different categories and genre and hence have two different types of movies to offer the M Town audience. Well, let’s talk about the film Ubuntu. It has …

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Tula Kalnar Nahi, Boyz and Bandookya 1st Day Box Office Collection

Boyz, Tula Kalnar Nahi and Bandookya

The M Town is not short of movies these days hence this Friday, we get to see a number of movies releasing on this day of movie release. These included the three movies including Boys, Tula kalnar nhi and Bandookya. Let’s check out the way these films have performed over …

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Bhikari Marathi Movie First Day Box Office Collection

Bhikari Movie Review

The M Town this week has embarked with just one movie called Bhikari. Though in terms of content, the film has some unique story and script, however, the film has been messed up in many ways with average performances and other things. Also, the film’s promotion in the media was …

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Bhetali Tu Punha and Shentimental first day box office collection

The M Town seems to be embarking with several movies and this Friday we had two movies hitting the theatres. These include Bhetali Tu Punha and the other  is Shentimental. Now, let’s talk about the box office story of the two. The film Bhetali Tu Punha is a comedy romantic …

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Lapachapi 1st Day Box Office Collection


This Friday in M Town had a solo release, which comes in the form of Lapachapi. The film happens to be a horror movie, which happens to be a drama, comedy and logical film for the audience to catch in M Town. In fact, this set of genres in M …

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