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Ubuntu Movie Review : Portrays A Tangible Message Without Getting Too Preachy

Ubuntu Movie Review
Ubuntu Movie Review

Movie : Ubuntu
Genre – Drama
Director – Pushkar Shroti
Star cast – Shashank Shinde, Sarang Sathaye, Umesh Jagtap and Bhagyashree Sankalp
Rating – 3.0
Meet Shelke Master, who happens to be a schoolmaster in a small school based in a small village in Maharashtra. He fights against all odds in order to give the village kids the education. He is a one man army hence you would find doing a number of thing like teaching, taking up the attendance, ringing up the school bell, completing the entire syllabus, or even cooking food for the midday meal as per the Government’s scheme.

Instead of appreciating all his work and efforts, there are several villagers who feel that he is wasting time and taking people away from child labor. One day, he has to remain away from his school as he finds his wife in labor so he has to stay in the hospital with her. He gives the charge to Gauri and soon many parents declines sending the kids to the school, while the brightest student of the school called Abdul is also sent to work in a close by town in a hotel. Lastly, we also see the education department making their visit to see the attendance and performance of the school. So, what happens next is an interesting to catch in the nearby screen.

Ubuntu Marathi Movie Review
Ubuntu Marathi Movie Review

The film has a tangible message to deliver to audience, however, the plight shown in the film is not new. We have heard such hundred of such stories in the past, however, the struggle to educate the villagers seems to have tangible message. The fact of the matter is there are many M Town films that are somewhere close to this theme, however, the efforts to bring back the same theme via the cinema medium has to be appreciated. Many villages in our country are still pitted with the problem of child labor, it also raises the question before the state who has the responsibility to arrange occupation to the poor and educate the kids instead of sending them for child labor.

Now, talking about the performances, the actors in the lead role including the Shashank Shinde, Sarang Sathaye, Umesh Jagtap and Bhagyashree Sankalp have done a good job in showcasing the right combination of emotions over the silver screen. However, the film lacked behind with the other elements including good music, cool songs, nice screenplay and direction, but overall the movie can be still be called as a one time watch.

Ubuntu The Last Word
The film Ubuntu has much to deliver when it comes to the tangible message of stopping the village kids towards child labor. Though the concept seems to be the aged old issue but telling and retelling with the medium of films can be called as a worthy efforts, which has to be applauded. At least one can find the film to be a one time watch.

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