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Tula Kalnar Nahi, Boyz and Bandookya 1st Day Box Office Collection

Boyz, Tula Kalnar Nahi and Bandookya
The M Town is not short of movies these days hence this Friday, we get to see a number of movies releasing on this day of movie release. These included the three movies including Boys, Tula kalnar nhi and Bandookya. Let’s check out the way these films have performed over the box office starting with Boys. The film Boys is a youth love and romance drama set amidst the school and college background. The film has a usual story presented in a different fashion. The film though had a decent buzz in the media particularly the Marathi movie fans, and it has been converted into a decent fashion when it comes to the collection of the movie.
The reason being obvious, we get to see Sunny Leone in this M Town film, which makes her debut Marathi movie that creates some amount of buzz in the media. So, as per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Boyz tolled to around 1.10 crores, which was higher than any other Marathi movie releasing the same day. Well, now let’s talk about the other movie, Tula Kalnar Nahi, the film though has received a decent ratings by most of the critics, but it has failed to work out on the box office. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Tula Kalnar Nahi tolled to around 1 crore, which is likely to boost up with the positive word of mouth collection.
Well, now let’s talk the last movie Bandookya, this is all together a different genre movie wherein reality bites the best to the society. The film deals with something really serious stuff and it welcomes a decent reviews both by the critics and the audience as well. The film has gained a decent occupancy yet it failed to embark with a escalated figures at the box office. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Bandookya tolled to around 1 crore only. The experts feel that too many film options given to the M Town has ruined the show, yet all the films have done well at the box office.

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