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Bandookya Movie Review

Bandookya Movie Review

When reality bites the traditional way, you have not much to catch in it

Movie – Bandookya

Genres: Drama

Director: Rahul Manohar Chaudhari

Star cast: Atisha Naik, Shashank Shende, Nilesh Borse, Namdeo Murkute, Amol Bagul, Tanmayi Chavanke

Studio – Varsha Cinevision

Producers: Rajendra Borse, Pratibha Borse

Writer: Rahul Manohar Chaudhari

Run Time – 130 minutes

Rating – 3.5


The plot of the film deals with the social norms of the society, which are played by the actors like Atisha Naik, Shashank Shinde, Nilesh Borse and Namdev Murkute, taking the story to altogether a different life levels of the movie from their past. It is all about the unleashing some sour reality of the society. It has shown few characters who are seen with their backward and negative ideas of lifestyle and other things and they feel to implement and convince the people around to make things really happy and appeasing in the society in which they live. Well, how about catching up some of the glimpse of the film in the following paragraphs:


The film has not any new idea or concept to share. In a sense the makers have tried to find out a script based on the same old aged story. Though the makers are able to embark with good photography and powerful portray of the characters along with subtle acting performances and many more things that can make it a worthy watch. However, had they been tried to give a good script or content to the audience, the film could have got rave reviews. Nevertheless, despite the lack of content, the film has much to offer, good performances and many more things that can have the power to make a decent movie watch for the audience. The elements like screenplay, dialogues, locations and photography seemed to have done well while the music seemed okay.

Bandookya The Last Word

The film though has not much new things to give to the audience, yet is has all the typical elements that makes the film rather than ruining the same. Bandookya is certainly the classic example to this category wherein the film has scored on other things but not on the content or script which seemed the older one with few changes in the current one shown in it.

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