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Elizabeth Ekadashi to woo children on Children’s day

While his previous film Harishchandrachi Factory is still resonating with success among the audience, on this childrens’ day, Paresh Mokashe is presenting a treat to his little fans in the form of Elizabeth Ekadashi. The director who won many accolades for directing Harishchandrachi Factory is now coming up a children’s film Elizabeth Ekadashi. The film will release on children’s day November 14 across Maharashtra.

Elizabeth Ekadashi is about a boy named Dnyanesh who is a budding scientist but at the same time he believes in miracles. Along with his friends, he explores many interesting things in his locality and impresses every one with his wit and scientific temper. He owns a special cycle which does wonders for him. Elizabeth is the name of the cycle. The story combines science and miracles and explores these from the point of view of children. How Dnyanesh and his friends outdo adults with their questioning spirit and enthusiasm towards science is the subject of the film.

After Harishchandrachi Factory struck gold at the box office, it is Paresh Mokashe’s first venture that is based on a completely different subject. The leading characters of Dnyanesh and Mukta are played by child actors Sreerang Mahajan and Sayali Bhandarkavthekar respectively. The posters of the movie are released and the delectable children impress everyone with their innocence.

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