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Elizabeth Ekadashi


A perfect venture of little kids and their childhood journey, a light in the hearts to become something or an un desired believe to do something in this world, these statements may sounds something inspirational isn’t? But, this time especially for the Marathi loving fans a looming movie ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’ is on the verge to touch the big screens to make the Children’s Day especial i.e. on 14th November 2014. A movie that can even make you feel that if a small kid can do anything if he desires from his heart then why not us?

Under the directions of Paresh Mokashi, a movie from the director of ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’ a renowned past of India’s official entry to 82nd Academy Award for Best Foreign Language film. The movie produced by Nittin Keni, Nikhil Sane, and last but not the least Madhugandha Kulkarni to make the movie a perfect one. Watch the entire trailer right here…

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