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Pari Hoon Main Movie Review

Pari Hoon Main

The film deals with the story of a family who aspires to see their daughter doing well in the reality show. Hence it is based on the modern day lifestyle when people want to pursue their unfulfilled dreams on their children and thus compete in the rat race to see their kids doing well in reality show and gain fame and name in the society. It addressed this issue, which seems to have become the norm of urban parents and even in small towns and villages. So, what goes in the film is interesting to catch.
The film raises an important issue, which is not often covered in films or TV. In the world of competition when parents want their kids to be versatile and make them pleased and gain fame with their unfulfilled dreams become interesting to catch in an M Town film. While doing so, the children lose their childhood, which is an important aspect to check in this film. However, when it comes to performance, the actors in the lead role seemed to be lagging behind in terms of giving the best portrayal of the characters that it deserved over the silver screen. The other aspects of the film like screenplay, dialogues, music, photography and other elements seemed to be an average story. Despite the good and tangible content found in the film, there is not much to cherish with it as the makers went wrong in the selection of actors in the lead roles. So, what really goes in it would be interesting to catch in it. Unfortunately the various aspects of this film like music, editing, screenplay, photography and other elements failed to boost up the entertainment value, which in a sense has made things bad to worse.
Pari Hoon Main The last word
The film has not much to showcase except the fact that it helped to touch an important issue of the society. However, the other elements of film have been average, which somewhere hampered the ratings of the film.

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