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Top 5 Marathi Movies of 2016

Top 5 Marathi Movies of 2016
Top 5 Marathi Movies of 2016

Marathi film industry has been a pioneer in the film industry of India. The industry has always created entertaining movies. The industry recently got a lot of media attention as it created very high grossing films this year. Have a look at top 5 Marathi movies of 2016 and watch them all. They will all entertain you and might give you some life lessons.

  1. Sairat: This amazing movie broke all records in terms of collections. It earned more than 50 crore rupees and gained a lot of media attention due to its gripping story. The story shows the ugly and yet harsh reality of caste system in India. It lets the viewer’s know what may happen to people who might dare to break the caste rules and love a person from another caste. It also shows that some people prefer to follow the so-called society rules and they are not hesitant to adopt means like honor killing for it.
  2. Natsamrat: Natsamrat was the most successful Marathi film of 2016 until Sairat released. This film also revolves around a burning social issue, the behavior of younger generation towards their parents. The almost realistic and relatable scenes along with the powerful performance of veteran actor Nana Patekar makes it a must watch. This film will definitely make you think twice about how you think of your parents.
  3. Astu: This is another movie that highlights an issue faced by people. Though the film does not bring out the harsh reality of a social evil, it still manages to bind people to it. The story revolves around a family in which an elder person has got dementia and he is slowly fading away. He can’t remember whether he had any food five minutes ago. On the other hand, his family is helpless. They keep on loving a person who cannot reciprocate the love and even forgets who they are. This movie is certainly worth a visit to the theater especially for those people who wish to see a film for emotional value and not entertainment only.
  4. PoshterGirl: This film is a combination of humor and a social message. The film unlike so many films these days revolves around the female lead. The story of the film is a hilarious and yet depicts a serious situation of a village where female feticide is so high that no women are left for eligible bachelors. In such a situation, a smart and intelligent woman enters the village and everyone is enchanted by her. The story then shows how she selects 5 men as her potential grooms and their efforts to woo her.
  5. Pinjra: If you have a love of classic Marathi movies, you can’t miss the re-release of the film Pinjra. The story revolves around two central characters. One is a tamasha dancer who loses her heart to a good man and eventually loses her life. The other character is a reputed teacher who prefers to die rather than let his image shatter. In both cases, death helps them to get rid of their Pinjra, a metaphor used for life.

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