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Lost and Found Marathi Movie Review

Lost-and-Found-Marathi-Movie Review

This week the M Town has a solo release, which comes in the form of Lost & Found. The film is directed and written by Ruturaj Dhalgade, while it is produced by Vinod Malgewar under the banner of Golden Gate Motion Pictures. The film has a slew of actors including Spruha Joshi, Mohan Agashe, Mangesh Desai and Siddharth Chandekar. The makers of the movie claim the film to be a love story with a different view. The film has the music of Shubhankar Shembekar, while the cinematography is carried out by Ramesh Bhosale. Well, let’s have an insight about the movie as under:


The Marathi movie Lost & Found is basically a love story, which has two character Manas played by Siddharth Chandekar and Naina played by Spruha Joshi in the personal lives. Loneliness has been their part of their life in the urban area wherein they live. The film Lost & Found empathizes the neglected human emotions with a primary intent of bringing out the happiness in lives of lonely people who remain ignored from the human emotions. In the film you have four characters the above said two characters – Manas, Naina, Maruti played by Mangesh Desai and Shrirang Kaka played by Mohan Agashe, which is seen taking the initiative against the loneliness and thus seen resurrecting the lonely lives.


Any movie requires a competitive central idea and once you get it you can call it half things done because now you have a challenge to portray the story over the silver screen. This is one of the key processes of the movie, which can be called as the integral element of the film’s success. The film has a reasonable cool central premise; however, the process of things doing a movie seems incomplete. The screenplay can be called as a screenplay that gives the first draft with a number of things yet to be detailed out and this really portrays the final product.

The central idea of the film connecting the lonely souls found in the society with an initiative known as Anti Loneliness Program seeking the help of Shrirang Uncle and Maruti that get other people seems a novel idea and speaks the good intent of people. However, the film goes without a strong infrastructure, coordination and strategy. The promotion of this concept seems cool but roaming around to find such people seems naïve things. The program is not supported any sustenance element as it requires money and resources to manage the affair there adds up the factual error how the hell comes the idea of sustenance without getting any finance or support from the team members who are virtually free and not well placed in corporate world.

These are simply practical issues that are connected with the undertaken program, however, but the narrative graph of the movie. And yes there isn’t any Character development in the film as it seems to be very much flat and is seen moving in a monotonous pace. Near the end, nothing really comes like a natural culmination of events however the idea seems to have forced via the script. The idea may not be seen coming out from the Greek drama known as Alps that has an organization of therapists known as ALPS. They are seen also dealing with the people but in particularly the one who are known to have lost the loved one. The visualization and impact of the film are not that par but are seen building up a similar kind of theme. Most of the actors in the film were good in playing their characters despite the issue of creating the right character building things in the film.  While the direction is seen having a couple of flaws at least when we compare it with the director’s previous movie.

Lost and Found Last Word

The Marathi movie – Lost and Found seems to have some flaw in terms of direction and visualization, which hampers the entertainment value of the movie. The film stands nowhere when it comes to talking about having these elements; nothing really is going working in the favor of the movie. This makes the film to go with an average rating.

Rating – 2.0


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