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Sangto Aika Movie Review : Sachin Pilgaokar impresses in the Film

Sanngto Aika review

We know that Sachin Pilgaokar is equally good at serious and comedy acts, now the actor has come up with a performance that combines serious and comedy alongside action. In the Sathish Rajwade directed Saangto Aika the veteran actor has impressed one and all with a versatile performance that has many different shades in it. He makes us laugh, he makes us cry and he makes us jump to the edge of the seat with his action.

Saangto Aika has after a long time given a potential role for Sachin Pilagaokar. The film also stars Sanskruti Balgude in the lead role. The other actors paying crucial roles are Pooja Sawant, Milind Shinde, Vaibhav Mangle, Jagannath Nivangune. Sachin plays the character of a standup comedian whose life takes an unusual turn one fateful day. He is sent behind the bars for a crime which he has not committed and that shocks his family and friends. How the comedian makes his way out of this trauma is a worth watching journey.

When calamity strikes, it evokes the hero in each of us. The story revolves around this backdrop and how the lesser known stand up comedian emerges a hero out of his difficulties is the film all about. A refreshing respite to the story is the presence of Pooja Sawant and Sanskruti Balgude. The two girls have come out good with their intense performances. The laavani song “ fantastic “ is truly enjoyable with its vigor and energy. Sanskruti Balgude has done a fantastic work for this fantastic song.

Music directors Avinash – Vishwjeet have come up with music that creates an apt backdrop for the story. The lyrics by Guru Thakur is also appreciable. Director Satish Rajwade has pulled off a fine work of handling the difficult storyline carefully. His vision and hard work has transpired on the screen. There are clear loopholes in the script written by Parag Kulkarni. A more exciting climax was expected from the film that builds up many expectations in the beginning. The script’s greatest flaw lies in the fact that it fails to provide an apt ending to the otherwise good story.

   Saangto Aika is definitely a film to watch this week. Despite its flaws, it will entertainment you.

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