Prajakta Mali shines in the announcement of the new film ‘Tin Adakun Sitaram’

Marathi cinema is currently experiencing a boom. Many Marathi films are attracting audiences. These films are not only gaining popularity among the audience but also earning millions at the box office.

Several Marathi films are soon going to be presented to the audience, including the inclusion of ‘Tin Adakun Sitaram’ in them.

Doesn’t the name ‘Tin Adakun Sitaram’ sound intriguing? How did this name come about? You might have this question as well. Well, this is a colloquial saying from Kolhapur. If you understand its meaning, you might be interested in watching the film.

Presented by Supreme Motion Pictures and Nitin Vaidya Productions, the film ‘Tin Adakun Sitaram’ is written and directed by Hrishikesh Joshi. Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde, and Nitin Vaidya are the producers of this film.

To find out who will play the lead role in this film, you will have to wait a bit. This film, which has a tagline that raises curiosity, will be released in theaters on September 29th to meet the audience.

Prajakta Mali has shared the poster of this film. Does this mean that Prajakta will also be seen in this film? Many questions like which role she will portray have arisen for everyone.


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In the eye-catching poster of the film ‘Tin Adakun Sitaram’, three fingers are shown on one hand, and on that hand, a bracelet is visible. On the other side of the bracelet, a smiley is seen. The connection of this to the story will be revealed when the film is watched. Hrishikesh Joshi is known for presenting unique subjects, so something extraordinary might be seen in this film as well!

Talking about the film, director Hrishikesh Joshi says, “Watch it with the whole family; it’s a comedic film. It will increase the audience’s excitement with every dialogue. The producers of the film are extremely capable. They have already given Marathi cinema many great films.”

While working with such producers, one gains good energy. Naturally, they have presented excellent performances that have delighted the audience. The entire team of the film is strong. One by one, interesting aspects will come to light.”

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