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Phulrani First Day Box Office Collection: A Disappointing and Outdated Adaptation of a Classic

Phulrani Movie Box Office :

Phulrani is a Marathi-language film directed by Vishwas Joshi and starring Priyadarshini Indalkar and Subodh Bhave. The movie is an adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s classic play Pygmalion, which tells the story of a flower girl who is transformed into a refined lady by a professor of phonetics.

In Phulrani, Subodh Bhave plays the role of Vikram Rajadhyaksh, a beauty pageant grooming expert who takes up the challenge of transforming a simple florist girl named Shevanta, played by Priyadarshani Indalkar, into a beauty pageant queen. Vikram’s video of Shevanta goes viral, and she is ultimately inducted into his academy.

However, Shevanta’s natural habits create a lot of nuisances in the academy, and she is bullied by other urban girls, causing her to run away. Vikram goes to her village and convinces her to take up the challenge again, but this time, he asks her to stay with him at his own house to avoid any bullying. Soon, a love story starts to bloom between the two, but it remains to be seen whether it is true love or just another one of Vikram’s tricks.

Phulrani has been criticized for being a poorly executed adaptation of a classic story, with predictable dialogues, unimpressive performances, below-average cinematography and camera work, and a cringe-worthy soundtrack. Despite the potential of the subject matter, the film fails to modernize the premise and ultimately turns out to be a stretched, outdated and demolished version of the original classic.

As per trade report, ‘Phulrani ‘ has managed to clock Rs. 20 Lakhs nett on the first day. It has really underperformed in some areas like East Pune, Mumbai. Clearly, with this trend, the collections of its second Friday won’t be motivating either. Plus three major films already performing well – ‘Tu Jhooti Mai Makkar’, ‘Kabzaa’ and ‘Pathaan’. Hence, the collections of ‘Phulrani ‘ can be expected to see a huge drop further. Meanwhile, the early estimates of the new releases also aren’t motivating.

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