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Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari and 7 Roshan Villa – 1st Weekend Box Office

Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari and 7 Roshan Villa 1st weekend box office report

This Friday, the M Town had a couple of movies to release, which include the Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari. This film is  a remake of a south Indian film. The film had a decent buzz in the media, however, with too many options emerging both in the M Town and B Town, hence expecting much over the box office is certainly not a wise thing. As per reports, the buzz for the film seemed okay, which translated into moolah on the first day that continued in the coming day as well.

Right from the first day to the first weekend, the film managed to do a decent business. As per reports, Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari tolled the first weekend collection as 1.47 crores, which is an okay collection for such films. Now, talking about the other film called 7 Roshan Villa. The film however manages to draw more moolah than expected thus beating the Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari.

As per reports,  since the competition was too intense. As per reports, the first day collection for 7 Roshan Villa tolled to around 1.56 crores. The difference in the collection for both the films seems to be very much minimal and you never know, which film you overtake the other. The experts have idea as both the films are of different genre and can lead to the others.



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