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Lokmanya Zee Marathi
Lokmanya Zee Marathi

Lokmanya Zee Marathi TV Show :

Star cast – Kshitish Date and Spruha Joshi
TV Channel – Zee Marathi
Director: Sangeet Kulkarni
Timing – 9.30 PM
Days – Wednesday to Saturday
Release date – 21 December 2022
Total Episode: N/A

To survive in the TRP race, channels are seen experimenting with new things. There is one such on Zee Marathi. New serials are being launched on Zee Marathi channel one after another. Old serials are not getting TRP. Zee Marathi serials are far behind in TRP race. Therefore, the trend of ending old serials and starting new serials is currently seen on Zee Marathi. In the meantime, Zee Marathi has started a new series titled Seventh Girl of Satvya Mulichi Satavi Mulgi, Hridayi Preet Jagate. Now once again a new serial will be launched on Zee Marathi. The promo of not one but two new series has been released recently. So now it is likely that the very popular serial on Zee Marathi will end.

Zee Marathi Channel has a waistline. Well built to recover the falling TRPs. The new series is being announced. Recently two new serials have been announced. The subjects of these series are also fantastic and historical. A serial starting on Zee Marathi is Lokmanya. This new series is going to start on the life biography of Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

Lokmanya Star Cast

Actor Kshitish Date will play the role of Lokmanya Tilak in this serial and popular actress Spruha Joshi will play the role of his wife. Recently, the promo of the series has come out and the fans are getting a lot of response to this promo. Actor Kshitish Date is known for his role as Chief Minister Eknath Shinde in the movie ‘Dharmaveer‘. His performance in this film has been highly appreciated. Now the audience is eager to see Kshitish in the role of Lokmanya Tilak. Spruha Joshi has previously played the role of Ramabai Ranade in Zee Marathi serial ‘Unch Maja Zoka’. Fans will get a chance to see her in a historical role again.


Lokmanya Promo :

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