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Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza

Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza Star Pravah TV Show :

Cast : Shivani Surve and Sameer Paranjpe
Release date : 17 june 2024
Director :
Channel : Star Pravah

The new promo for the TV series “Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza” has been released on the Star Pravah channel. This show marks the first on-screen collaboration between actress Shivani Surve and actor Sameer Paranjpe. The series was announced a few days ago, and it is generating significant excitement among viewers, particularly because Shivani Surve is returning to Star Pravah after nine years, and Sameer Paranjpe after eight years.

In “Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza,” Sameer Paranjpe plays a character named Tejas Prabhu, a member of the Prabhu family. His character is portrayed as carefree and easy-going. On the other hand, Shivani Surve plays Mansi Sanas, a character depicted as intelligent, self-respecting, and honest. The contrast between Tejas’s laid-back nature and Mansi’s sharp, principled demeanor sets the stage for an interesting love story.

The promo reveals the dynamics of the Prabhu family and introduces viewers to the world of Tejas and Mansi. As the story unfolds, we will witness the journey of their relationship, navigating through their distinct personalities and backgrounds. The show promises to explore not just their love story but also the interactions within the Prabhu family, adding layers of drama and emotion.

The return of Shivani Surve and Sameer Paranjpe to the small screen has piqued the interest of their fans, who are eagerly waiting to see them in their new roles. The chemistry between the leads and the development of their characters’ love story will be a central focus, providing a mix of romance and drama that is sure to captivate the audience.

“Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza” is set to bring a fresh and engaging narrative to the Star Pravah lineup. With strong performances from the lead actors and a compelling storyline, the series aims to offer a blend of light-hearted moments and intense emotional scenes. Viewers can look forward to an entertaining experience as they follow the lives and love story of Tejas and Mansi.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza” and witness the unfolding of this delightful new series on Star Pravah.

Thoda Tuza Thoda Maza Serial Promo :




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