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Antarpaat Colors Marathi TV Show :

Cast : Ashok Dhage, Rashmi Anapat, Resham Tipnis
Release date : 10 june 2024
Director :
Producer :
Channel  :Colors Marathi

The new TV series “Antarpaat” is set to premiere on June 10th at 7:30 PM. A few days ago, the promo for this new show was released, showcasing a vibrant Haldi ceremony. In an era of love marriages, Gautami is delighted to have found her perfect match through an arranged marriage. She dreams of fulfilling all her dreams with her partner, believing that Kshitij is the ideal and perfect husband she always wanted.

A new promo for “Antarpaat” has just been released, revealing a joyous and festive atmosphere with the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations. The beautifully decorated wedding mandap and the presence of guests add to the excitement. As Gautami walks towards the mandap, her face radiates happiness, while Kshitij seems troubled and anxious.

Amidst the cheerful wedding music, the couple exchanges garlands. Despite the celebratory mood, Kshitij turns to Gautami and asks, “Can I ask you for something?” Gautami, smiling, says yes, only to be shocked when Kshitij asks for a divorce. What could be going through Kshitij’s mind? Why did he take such a drastic step on their wedding day? What does fate have in store for Gautami? Destiny arranged their wedding, but it seems to have also set up a barrier of separation.

“Antarpaat” stars Ashok Dhage, Rashmi Anpat, and Resham Tipnis in lead roles. The intriguing storyline has already sparked a lot of curiosity among viewers. “Antarpaat” will air from June 10th at 7:30 PM on Colors Marathi and will also be available on #JioCinema.

With its engaging plot, strong performances, and dramatic twists, “Antarpaat” promises to captivate the audience. Don’t miss this exciting new series!


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