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Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada

Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada Zee Marathi TV Show :

Cast : Nitish Chavhan, Disha Pardeshi, Komal More, Isha Sanjay, Jui Tanpure
Release date :
Director : Kiran Dalvi
Producer :
Channel : Zee Marathi

“Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada” is a series broadcast on Zee Marathi. Surya Dada has four sisters: Teju, Dhanu, Raju, and Bhagya. Tejashree is a teacher at a school, has a great love for children, and is highly optimistic about life. The second sister, Dhanshree, constantly needs something to eat. Due to her being overweight, Surya is worried about her marriage. Dhanu struggles with English, and not just Surya but the entire village is eagerly waiting for her to pass her English exam. The third sister, Rajashree, despite being the youngest in the family, takes care of the household, maintenance, and accounts, essentially acting as the family’s finance minister. Although Rajashree is uneducated, she is very practical. The fourth sister, Bhagyashree, is still in school and wants to learn music. Surya Dada is the caretaker of these unique sisters.

Their mother ran away from home when they were young, so Surya became the mother to all four sisters. He raised them with strict discipline to ensure that no one would say that girls raised without a mother went astray. Despite this, the sisters have immense love for Surya. Surya has no dreams for himself; he has kept his childhood love hidden in his heart. Tulja, whom Surya loves, is unaware of all this. Tulja went to the city to study, and due to family circumstances, Surya buried his dreams deep inside.

Even though he is a simple grocery shop owner, Surya is very methodical. What could be the sweet, simple, yet beautiful story of Surya and his four sisters?

The series is written by Swapnil Chavan and Vishal Kadam, directed by Kiran Dalvi, and produced by Vajra Productions. “Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada” will soon be coming to meet the audience.

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