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Daar Ughad Baye

Daar Ughad Baye TV Serial
Daar Ughad Baye TV Serial

Daar Ughad Baye Zee Marathi TV Show:

Star castSania Choudhary and Roshan Vichare
TV Channel – Zee Marathi
Director: Sangeet Kulkarni
Timing – 6.30 Pm
Days – Monday to Saturday
Release date – 19th Sep 2022
Total Episode: 64

The new serial ‘Daar Ughad Baye’ has been started on Zee Marathi from September 19. Sharad Ponkshe is seen in the lead role in this serial. Sharad Ponkshe has released the promo of this series on his social media. The series seems to be female centric. It is reported that the serial ‘Dar Bhok Baye’ is a remake of the serial ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ on Zee Bangla.

Times are changing, so are the women in the series. Nowadays the audience has become so aware that all serials have to be alert. The heroines in many Marathi serials seem to be trying to do something different. They are not confined within four walls. Even now, the same can be felt from the promo of Dar Bhok Baye serial.

Daar Ughad Baye Story :

There is a mother, father, two daughters and a son in a traditional family that earns its living by playing sambal. Father is an expert sambal player and he has the honor of playing sambal every Navratri in a rich house in the city. While the loan sharks are trying to grab the house, the father takes a few days’ concession and goes to the rich house to play Navratri for nine days.

As they suffer from asthma, the elder daughter goes with Manjiri for care. Raosaheb Nagarkar, the main person in that house, has a male-dominated mentality and all the women in the house are bound to dance and play songs. His step mother was Chandra Tamasgir and it was because of her that my Sakkhi mother died and was locked up in a house. While playing the first and most important Aarti of Ghata Bastana, the father had to stop in the middle of the Aarti due to severe asthma. Manjiri herself stands up to play the sambal while Raosaheb throws them out of the house, angry at breaking the tradition of many years. The head of the family, who has a masculine ego, is deeply troubled by a woman playing the sambal before the goddess.

This serial will be available from September 19 at 8.30 pm.

Daar Ughad Baye Star Cast

Sania Chaudhary is playing the lead role in this serial. Sania has created a place for herself by acting excellently in dramas and serials. She is also a great dancer. She is shown as a sambal player in the serial Dar Bhok Baye. Sambal is played in the temple. For this role, she took rigorous training in sambal.

Talking about the series and her role, Sania said, “I play the role of Mukta and learn the art of playing the sambal from home to save the house. It also cultivates the tradition of playing sambal by earning money. This is a village where seeing a sambal in a girl’s hand is considered a bad omen. Not only in that village but in many villages in Maharashtra, it is still not considered good for girls to play sambal. The fight between a simple, poor but self-respecting girl and a male-dominated culture in such a village will be seen in this series. It will be exciting for the audience to watch this series.’

Daar Ughad Baye Promo :


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