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Charandas Chor Marathi Movie Review

Charandas Chor
Charandas Chor

Movie – Charandas Chor

Starcast – Abhay Chavan, Adesh Aware, Sonam Pawar

Director – Shyam Maheshwari

Writers: Shyam Maheshwari, Avinash Singh

Music – Atif Afzal

Rating -2.5


Charan who works as a trainee at a movie set comes across a trunk filled with money worth 2 crores and is seen running away with it. He then move along with the said money and is seen bumping with several other thieves. That’s not even the issue, the larger issue is that the young boy seems to be perplexed should he keep this trunk or not? Should he share this news to someone or not? Charandas Chor thus is a slice-of-life kind of film which is spruced with the layers of humour that is presented via the life of the rather young and naive Charan.


As we hear the title of this movie, one gets the feeling of a Rajasthani folk story given by Vijaydan Detha, which is made more popular for the known theatre man Habib Tanvir with his plays of similar name called Springs to Mind. However, one can make out the contrast at one end we have a love story and on the other side something different. Unfortunately, the novice filmmaker Shyam Maheshwari making the film Charandas Chor has failed to to justice despite having several things going for it. However, this CC is not based on the above said folk tale, though it helps in telling you the real story of a thief. The film seemed pleasing to our senses once we call the story moving away from the city of Mumbai and reaches to Chiplun when we seen some incredible visuals, the director of photography deserves all applauds for this.

The sound department works fine with some impressive technical work but one cannot just surpass the great sound and super cinematography. However, the logic seen in the film seems questionable as to how the money comes in Charan’s lap. Abhay Chavan in his role is both credible and likeable yet we find the characterization lacking the consistency. Adesh Aware in his nephew’s role is adorable and offers a mature act. Sonam Pawar playing a social worker too has also impressed while others like Mukund Vasule, Anuya Baiche and Sachin Khandekar, playing Charan’s dad, mom and brother, respectively, also fit in to the bill.

Charandas Chor The Last Word

Though we get to see some likable characters of Charan and Vishnu and some reasonably decent performances of the lead actors one can find movie faltering largely due to issues like inaction, and flaws in terms of the reasoning factor. Charandas Chor, however, can be called as the final film of 2017 in the M Town yet watchable, but not to a larger extent.

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