Manava Naik Sings Praises for Farhn Akhtar

Manava NaikFarhan Akhtar can boast of another die hard female fan from the Marathi industry. She is none other than Manava Naik, the young actress who has recently turned a director with the film Por Bazaar. Farhan has completed shooting for a cameo in the film directed by Manava Naik. The actress was full of praise for Farhan who shot sincerely for the film despite his busy schedule. Apart from this he also took a brief training to brush up his Marathi pronunciation to make it a perfect act as far as the language aspect was concerned.

Manava Naik revealed that Farhan is one of those actors in Bollywood at present who not only play mature roles but also has the image of a responsible youngster and has sound knowledge of social issues . The actor has now and again voiced his opinions about social issues and therefore it was in the best interest of the film to cast him in the short sequence in which he plays himself. The film is based on child trafficking which needs to dealt with maturity to make it impaction. Manava Naik also revealed that she is a big fan of Farhan and wishes to do a film with him soon. She reiterated that Farhan is not just a great actor but an awesome human being. The trailer of the movie PorBazaar is released on the web.

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