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Jalsa Marathi Movie Review

jalsa marathi movie

There have been many films in the recent exploring the life and work of actors and writers. This one falls in the same league where two young men set to make it begin their journey in acting. Their love for theatre has molded them so far and with an uncle who is a diehard fan of theatres and stage shows. Jalsa presents clichéd characters put in absurd situations. There is resemblance to many comedy classics of Marathi and Bollywood films. As they say comedy has to be unintentional and prompt, Jalsa has such scenes where the audience will laugh at the absurdities of the entire show.

The Story: Jalsa has tried to portrayed the rural scene where not so educated people relish theatre and dramas in its real essence. The rural characters like the drunkards and gossipers and onlookers are all well placed. There are an array of characters apart from the three main leads Amar, Prem and Bhaiyya Saheb. Amar is played by Ashutosh and Prem is played by Prem. Bharat Ganeshpure plays the role of Bhaiyya Saheb. Bhaiyya Saheb is an aspiring actor who is wishes to do female characters on stage. He owns a theatre group and when the two young enthusiasts Amar and Prem come together to joining this group, Bhaiyya expresses his wish to be a part of the drama on the stage. There is dance, comedy. Masala and all the essential ingredients to make this film a hilarious experience. Manasi Naik’s item song number catches the breath of the audience.

The Loopholes: In the attempt to make it a comedy based on theatre and acting, the story line has been pushed to the back burner. The characters lack definition and the script is not catchy enough. From the beginning of the film, there are points at which we see clichéd comedies. The biggest weak point regarding Jalsa is that it fails to provide any freshness. Jalsa has potential scenes and plot line for a comedy but the scripting is weak and the scenes are more or less nonsensical.

Performances: Ashutosh and Nikhil have pulled out the work nicely. Bharat Ganeshpure, the veteran comedian, provides best comic situations. Manasi Naik looks scintillating and wonderful on the screen. The director has put up a sincere effort to capture the real essence of the Marathi theatre and artists.

Final Word: With average music and performances, Jalsa fails to stand out in the crowd of comedies this festive season. Watch this only if you are an ardent fan of Marathi cinema and Bharat Ganeshpure.

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