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Deva – Ek Atrangee Movie Review

Deva – Ek Atrangee

Deva – Ek Atrangee Review

Director: Murali Nallappa

Producers: Pradeep Chakravorty

Studio: Innovative Films and Pramod Films

Star Cast: Ankush Chaudhari, Tejaswini Pandit, Spruha Joshi, Dr. Mohan, Vaibhav Mangale and Pandharinath Kamble

Genre: Drama/Romance

Music: Amitraj

Story: Unni R

Cinematography DoP: Vijay Mishra, Bharat R. Parthasarathy


Maya Deshmukh played by Tejaswini Pandit who happens ot be a new age writer one day finds an escape to the areas of Konkan to write down her next novel wherein she finds herself being drawn over the colorful story of a man called Deva. As she is seen setting out to explore the story of this man (Deva), she keeps on adding her interest and intrigue that becomes her obsession. So, what happens next would be interesting to explore. Time to check more about this film or the review of the same.


The film can be called as a blend of many movies both seen in B Town and M Town. The writer has embarked with a story, which has some interesting and happy from sad kind of people in it who love to spread the happiness particularly the man called Deva played by Ankush Chaudhari. Well, as the film moves on it becomes predictable and somewhere finds weird to see a modern day novelist being impressed to a rural man called Deva to such an extent that he turns her obsession. Most of the time the film becomes tough to digest with overdose of the acting and ideas being portrayed to fast and great impact allowing the audience to take a frequent loo break. On the performance part of the film, the man at the center called Deva played by Ankush seemed unreal. He has tried to play the character by overdoing things and boasting to play the best but has failed to nail with the performance. On the other side Tejaswaini Pandit in her role of Maya has much to offer, she seemed okay in her character, while others in different roles have not much to deliver. On the other side, the music, lyrics and screenplay seemed okay, while the dialogues, songs and editing part seemed good and so was the case with the Cinematography graph.

Deva The Last Word

All in all the film is a one time watch with not much to deliver as it becomes very much predictable.  Such films in M Town can be called as a deliberate attempt to come out with any and every film with vague and outdated films in the M Town. It can be hardly be called as a one time watch this weekend.

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