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Cycle Movie Trailer : It come along with Simple Storytelling

Cycle marathi movie trailer

The M Town seems to be embarking upon one cool movie to the other. These films are good in content rich in story and competitive performances of the actors. And then we have the filmmaker in M Town called Prakash Kunte who happens to be an ace director in the industry. He has the track record of giving some of the best movies in the M Town, which include ‘Coffee Ani Barach Kahi’, ‘Hampi’ and Jara Hatke’. And now after giving these films he is back in news for giving another movie known as ‘Cycle’. So, when his films comes, the M Town finds reasons to rejoice and enjoy his movies.

In fact, the people often look forward to catch his film and every single detail about the movie counts a lot and is known to have it own importance. So unlike his previous films, the recently announced Cycle and it has reached to the post production phase coming out with the trailer. The film has one of the best of the cinematography & the way the film was created a small world of a small village by the sea is pleasing to our senses. In this way, one can be called as all set to make the film interesting for the audience.

The film has Hrishikesh Joshi, Priyadarshan Jadhav, Bhau Kadam and Deepti Lele who all are seen in the lead roles while it happens to be a light hearted comedy, which employs the conflict seen due to the use of a cycle, which is being stolen to present on the way the little things that can simply matter to the simplest of people. The story of the film happens to be very much simple and happens to have a good and old classic Hindi movies which happens to be produced by  Hrishikesh Mukherjee & Basu Chatterjee who came up with a film that talks about the simple story of common man in a comical way. How about catching up the trailer and catch the simple storytelling as under:


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