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Ravrambha 2023

Raavrambha – रावरंभा #रावरंभा

Produced By – Shashikant Sheela Bhausaheb Pawar
Co- Producer – Dr. Ajit Bhosale | Mr. Sanjay Jagdale
Devi Sateri Productions Presents : Shashikant Pawar Productions, GirishParab | Shirish Parab
Directed By : Anup Ashok Jagdale
DOP – Sanjay S Jadhav
Screenplay & Dialogues : Pratap Gangawane
Cast : Shantanu Moghe, Om Bhutkar, Monalisa Bagal, Kushal Badrike, Santosh Juvekar, Mir Sarwar

Ravrambha: The movie ‘Ravrambha’ will hit the screens on May 12. After watching the cast of this film, the fans are more curious about the film. We are familiar with many love stories in history. One such unique love story hidden in the pages of history is all set to hit the Marathi silver screen. The audience will get to see a neglected but unique love story from the fringes of Sahyadri in the movie ‘Ravrambha’. The trailer of this film has been released recently.

Rao and Rambha’s love story is shown in the trailer of the movie ‘Ravarambha’. In the pages of history, ‘Ravarambha’ is a neglected but unique love story in the hills of Sahyadri. This love story is not just a love story but it has a strong touch of reality. Director Anup Jagdale says that the story has an edge of bravery, sacrifice and dedication towards Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, loyalty to him and Swarajya. The movie will feature Shantanu Moghe as Chhatrapati and Ashok Samarth as Prataprao Gujar.

The movie ‘Ravrambha’ under Shashikant Pawar production has screenplay and dialogues by Pratap Gangawane. Cinematography is by Sanjay Jadhav and editing is by Faisal Mahadik. The co-producers are Ajit Bhosale and Sanjay Jagdale while the executive producers are Mahesh Bharambe, Anvay Naikodi. Lyrics written by Guru Thakur and Kshitij Patwardhan have been composed by Amitraj. Costumes are by Poornima Oak, Colors by Pratap Borhade, Art Direction by Vasu Patil. VFX is handled by Watt Studio and Jayesh Malkapure.

Ravrambha Trailer :

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