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Who’s the new girl in Swwapnil Joshi’s life


The heartthrob of M Town – Swwapnil Joshi seems to be in new for having a new girl in his life. Well, before you  get things wrong, bear in mind that he is married man and a committed husband.. So, how a new girl in his life, well don’t get confused he is now the doting father of a cute little girl who came in birth from the actor’s family. Despite his busy schedule, the actor finds time for the little angel and recently he was seen sharing his two months old angle on the social media.

Well more can one expect from the bundle of joys with this cute little sweet picture when he has announced the name of his daughter calling her to be Maayra. Nice name isn’t it, which is basically a baby girl in English that means cute and beautiful. Indeed the daughter of the Marathi star is very much cute unlike her father. If you are still to check her photograph, time to have a look at it as under:


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