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Welcome Zindagi Marathi Movie Review

Welcome Zindagi 2015

Ratings : **

Swapnil Joshi and Amruta Khanvilkar play lead roles in Umesh Ghadge directed film, Welcome Zindagi. Welcome Zindagi is a different perspective about suicides and life itself. When Meera, played by Amruta Khanvilkar, is driven to take the extreme step , but a social group consisting of unusual people teach her to have a new and different outlook towards life.

Suicides are common in our society and there have been films on the subject like Ranbir and Priyanka starrer Anjana Anjani in recent times. Welcome Zindagi , as the name suggests , is about valuing life and it’s gifts. Meera Sabnis is devastated after her lover ditches her only a few days before marriage. Down with depression, she contemplates suicides and also attempts it. And there comes the twist in the form of Swapnil Joshi who enters Meera’s life like a fresh breeze of air. Anand Prabhu, played by Swapnil Joshi , is a lively boy who belives in living life to the fullest and appreciating each day as life’s gift. Meera , who had lost all hopes of a beautiful life, begins to realize the true essence of life.

Welcome Zindagi is also humorous take on the subject of suicides. There is discussion on the ways to committing suicides. There is a humorous take on the reasons why a young mind would be prompted to commit suicide. Yes there are ample of illogical situations but all together it justifies the light treatment that is given to the subject. Presenting a grave subject in a light manner is also worth appreciating especially if it spreads a good message.

Amruta Khanvilkar and Swapnil Joshi make for a loveable pair. The two actors bring to life realistically their respective characters. Apart from the message of valuing and loving your life, the romance between the leading couple is also worth watching. There are other actors like Urmila Kanetkar Kothare , Mahesh Manjrekar and Mohan Agashe who play key characters in Welcome Zindagi. Prashant Damle and Murli Sharma also leave no stone unturned in bringing out good performances. Srijit Mukherjee’s story is entertaining but it is not without loopholes. The story was originally made into a Bengali film , Hemlock Society , by the writer. This Marathi version of the story is faithful to the original one in it’s treatment.

Welcome Zindagi is just another film , the only exception is that it comes with a message that you can take home.

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