Swapnil Joshi

Swapnil JoshiSwapnil Joshi Biography :

Born : October 18, 1977
Age  : 36
Birthplace : Mumbai
Height : 5.9

Several actors from Hindi movies are getting engaged in varied areas of the Marathi film industry. People, from television as well films, are taking keen interest in the content and craft that this industry has to offer to the world. The sense of getting lost in the crowd of millions, have not really been felt by the actors of this industry as Marathi films are giving every actors their due recognition in the industry. One of the most popular names would be Swapnil Joshi. For children and adults who have been keen viewers of the television serial Krishna that aired in 1993, will never forget the likeable face of the Hindu God, played by this acclaimed actor. He shot to fame ever since and his popularity had spread throughout the country.

Swapnil Joshi’s journey

He has seen immense success in the beginning of his career and quickly became a household name. But, he took a break from acting and completed his studies. He performed in many plays but gained recognition most from television Marathi and Hindi serials. Several mega serials have seen this actor through which, he earned critical acclaims for his roles, along with a few awards. He has been known for his strong and convincing portrayal of his television role, and this opened his gates for movies, both Marathi and Hindi. He always cared to be versatile, which is the reason he acted in a variety of films and shows that have seen in different role. But, his strong point has always been comedy, for which he has received a number of awards.

The actor’s anchoring skills

Audiences have liked his work in Comedy Circus and he also appeared in a few sequels of the same. TV has given a lot to the actor. He also tried his hand at anchoring in the stand-up comedian show on Zee TV called Ladies Special.

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