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Takatak Movie Review: Double Meaning Dialogues and Situations ruin the entertainment value of the film

Takatak Marathi Movie Review:

Takatak Marathi Movie Review
Takatak Marathi Movie Review
  • Film -Takatak
  • Director – Milind Kavde
  • Star cast – Prathamesh Parab, Ritika Shrotri, Abhijeet Amkar, Pranali Bhalerao
  • Genre – Romance
  • Production Studio – Purple Blue Entertainment
  • Ratings -2.5/5

The film is based on a newly married – Chandu and Kamakshi, however, the former is an addict of pornography, while the latter expects a cultured and loving husband. So, when discovers the reality she is disappointed to know that. On the other side, her sister Minakshi who happens to be a college student is stuck in a love triangle, so what goes the next is interesting to catch.


Tatakak has hit both the boxes of being an adult and romance together. The film is not suitable for a watch to watch as it has a number of third-grade double meaning humor, which remains the part and parcel of the story. This has been the common feature of Milind Kavde’s film. However, this time he has not only made the dialogues double meaning but at the same time the situations the same making it a soft port film to watch. The film has number of cons than the pros. First and foremost, things happen over the screen without any feasible kind of explanation and relations. Owing to the lack of connections one can find in between the stories, the audience is left hanging in the various parts of the film.

This compels the pun to adjust in its own unnatural way making things bad to worse. Talking about the performances, Bhalerao is seen shedding inhibitions while her expressions do not change much. Amkar is seen as the sex-starved youngsters that are seen going overboard. Both Parab and Shrotri is seen standing out though. The climax comes with a message when it comes to getting into physical relationships. The other elements like music, screenplay, dialogues, and photography seemed okay and add no much entertainment value.

– The Last Word 

The film with its double meaning dialogues and situations give less room to the audience to catch this weekend. You have not many things to expect from the film, hence if you are planning to catch it this weekend do it on your own risk.

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