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Miss U Mister Movie Review: Subject remains unexplored is interesting to catch on the silver screen

Miss U Mister Movie Review:

Miss U Mister Movie Review
Miss U Mister Movie Review
  • Movie – Miss U Mister
  • Director – Hemant Joshi
  • Star Cast – Sidharth Chandekar, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Vinit Bonde and Savita Prabhune
  • Producer – Production House – Mantra Vision & Third Eye Kreative Films
  • Ratings – 3/5
The film is based on a young couple who aspires to have a decent life leading them to separate for a while as the groom travel to the UK to earn big. He does this to bring back his family business on track. The contract then extends from 18 months to another two years. So, will the distance affect their relationship is a big question that is answered in this film?


The film happens to be a relevant and relatable story that seems to be the tale of every next home in urban places. However, the theme or carrying the long-distance relationship remains a subject less explored by the M Town filmmakers and is not treated efficiently. The film comes with a weak narration and moves away from the central subject. Sameer Joshi the director of the film tried his best to stick to the genre but somewhere fails as well. The different songs placed in the film sounds good.  The film’s first part is entertaining followed by a dull and lull second part which soon becomes predictable. However, it gives a fresh look on the relationship

Talking about the performances, Mrunmayee playing a lead role displays a wide array of emotions with great comfort, while Siddharth is also able to deliver a decent performance. The chemistry between the two is decent. The others like Savita Prabhune, (as Siddharth’s mom) too impresses with her good sense of humor. On the other side, Hrishikesh Josh in his special appearance does justice to his role. Similar is the story of the Rajan Bhise and Avinash Narkar. The other elements like music, screenplay, dialogues, photography, and direction seemed okay and give an edge to the film.

Miss U Mister Movie – The Last Word 

The film deals with an interesting aspect of the relationship, which remains unexplored in M Town. This makes a decent watch for the Marathi audience.

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