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Satarcha Salman

Watch the Hilarious Trailer of 'SATARCHA SALMAN' - A Heartwarming Marathi Comedy-Drama!

Satarcha Salman

Written & Directed by – Hemant Dhome
Produced by – Prakaash Singhee
Starring: Suyog Gorhe, Sayali Sanjeev, Shivani Surve, Akshay Tanksale, Makrand Deshpande, Anand Ingale, Ramesh Wani, Kamlesh Sawant, Madhavi Juwekar & Many more…
Associate Producer – Suresh Pai
Cinematography: Prasad Bhende
Editor : Faisal Mahadik, Imran Mahadik
Music: Amitraj
Lyrics : Kshitij Patwardhan

Satarcha Salman is a Marathi-language film set in a rural area of Maharashtra, India. The trailer features actor Hemant Dhome and Sayali Sanjeev, Shivani Surve in the lead role, along with a supporting cast of talented actors. The film seems to be a comedy-drama, with elements of romance and family relationships.

The trailer showcases several humorous and entertaining scenes, and the dialogue appears to be witty and engaging. The cinematography looks beautiful, capturing the essence of the rural setting and showcasing the natural beauty of the area. The music also seems to complement the visuals and adds to the overall mood of the trailer.

Overall, “SATARCHA SALMAN” looks like an entertaining film that will appeal to audiences who enjoy Marathi-language cinema. The trailer has generated a positive response on social media, with viewers expressing excitement and anticipation for the film’s release.

Satarcha Salman Trailer :

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