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Premasathi Coming Suun Movie Review

Premasathi Coming soon

Premasathi Coming Suun Review : ***

It is indeed love stories releasing one after the other in Marathi films. But wait, Premasathi Coming Soon one comes with a twist. This is not a pretty affair, neither an adventure nor a typical love triangle. Though the trailers tell you that it is a love triangle wherein the Neha Pendse plays the pretty girl who is being wooed by the two young men played by Adinath Kothare and Jitenedra Joshi, not everything is that simple. Neha plays Antara who is smart and sexy but deceitful. Adhinath plays the handsome lover boy again who falls in love with Antara. Very soon we see the two cozying up after marriage. But the very next day the bride goes missing without a trace. It is revealed that Antara is a no simple girl but a con artist .

The story takes a different path after interval. The suspense builds up as the Jitendra Joshi , playing Samrat Kotle Patil , creates bigger troubles. Neha ‘s character reveals her circumstances and changes shades. As the story takes its course, the script meanders around and seems a drag. It reminds us of various hit cinemas in Hindi that have a villain taking the heroine away from the hero and the hero fighting it out with the villain to get his girl.

Premasathi Coming soon has all the elements of a masala entertainer. With Neha’s new lean avatar she looks apt for the character that demands the right amount of boldness. While the two actors also have their significant contributions it is Neha who does a fine act. Adhinath and Jitendra are aptly cast. Adhinath playing the gullible Aditya looks sweet as the role demands. His transformation into the clever hero is convincingly done. Jitendra Joshi plays a potential role of having grey shade. Having played a similar role in past, he once again renders a smart performance.

Music by Pankaj Padhgham is delighting.The director Ankur Kakatkar has done a fine job of handling the potential script. The execution of the story is well done. The script writer Chinmay Kulkarni has done a commendable job by creating a super masala substance. But we wish there was originality in the story. There is no novelty in the twists and turns. There are scenes that will truly make you laugh and entertain you. The chemistry between Neha and Adhinath is enjoyable. The movie is definitely watchable for its smart execution.

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