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Love Factor Marathi Movie Review

Love Factor review

Love Factor Marathi Movie Review :  A  Fun and Dramatic Ride

Kishor Vibhandik directed Love Factor, which was slated for release in October had a delayed release this week. The lead pair played by Rajesh Shrigarpure and Khushboo Tawade are cast in a love story that is dramatic as well as hilarious. The story revolves around the theme of true love that stands various test. Rajesh and Khushboo’s relationship is one of banters and funs. Their sweet and atypical chemistry is entertaining. The two actors have pulled off their roles with great skill. The humor in the film is well executed. The suspense keeps up the thrill alive before the climax.

The theme of love remains inexhaustible till date. Love Factor comes with the message that true love is worth all the fight and the chaos that it entails. Once you find your true partner, go to any length to keep up the promise of commitment.

The music by Chinar- Mahesh is well composed. There is no song that you would take home with you yet it is not disappointing. The script mainly caters to the general audience who watch films mainly to unwind themselves. And so all the masti, masala and drama is justified. The director has translated the script vividly on screen. Certainly there are loop holes but for a mass entertainer like Love Factor, you tend to overlook the intricacies.

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