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Premasatthi – Coming Suun

Premasatthi – Coming Suun

Premasatthi – Coming Suun Cast and Crew

Producer : AnupKumar Poddar
Director : Ankur Kakatkar
Studio : Wonderland Films
Star Cast : Adinath Kothare, Neha Pendse, Suhas Joshi, Anchal Poddar
Genre : Drama, Romantic, Comeday
Release Date : September 2014

Marathi film industry is getting popular by day with increasing number of successful movie launches. With different types of movies coming in, now Marathi movie screen will see its one of few romantic movie launches in form of Premsathhi – Coming Suun

Film Premsathhi – Coming Suun as the name suggest is about the romantic story of a young couple named Aditya and Antara. After being in love for some time, Aditya and Antara get married. However the story takes a sharp turn when Antara suddenly disappears the day after the wedding. Aditya begins his journey to bring the love of her life back. On his journey, Aditya discovers shocking reasons behind Antara’s disappearance. It is kept in suspense what are the actual reasons behind antara’s disappearance. The film story thus makes it interesting to watch. Trailers of the movie reveal Aditya being chased by gangsters while he searches for his wife.

The film is produced by the wonderland film production industry. Names in star cast of the movie are Adinath Kothare, Neha Pendse, Suhas Joshi and Anchal Poddar. This film will release in month of September this year. The film has been short majorly within the country. Some of the scenes in movie are developed with special screening techniques and computer graphics to provide best visual experience to the viewers.

Story of the movie is well organized and balanced. Plots of the movie connect in the end so the public can understand complete story. The real thrill and suspense in the movie is about the bride which disappears the day after wedding. Aditya has to go through many problems in order to know what the actual reasons for disappearance of her wife were. It will interesting to watch if aditya gets her wife back in the end or not.

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