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Samarthya (2014)

Samarthya movie postersSamarthya Movie Cast and Crew

Produced By : Swayambhoo Productions
Directed & Written By : Chandrashekhar Sandve
StarCast : Arun Nalawade, Asavari Joshi, Nakul Ghanekar , Sheetal Pathak, Uday Sabnis, Milind Gawali, Swapnil Jadhav, Amit Khopkar, Shirish Ghag and Rajendra Jadhav
Music by : Rajesh Sawant,
Dialogues & Lyrics : Janmejay Patil,
Cinematography by : Aniket Karanjkar

The film Samarthya is based on the issue of female feticide. It is an issue which is destroying whole country. A lot of children in India die because of female feticide. Thus the film focuses on this issue being a high level crime and leaves the audience on a message to save girl child.

Despite of the allegations of a weak script, the film has got many positive reviews from the first view of trailers and premier shows. The story starts with flashbacks being shown about a court where judge is passing decisions on the issue of illegal child abortions and intercuts being made in the country. Later the film focuses on the story of a couple in this film which fall in love and take a step ahead by maintaining physical contact. The girl later gets pregnant and guy cheats the girl which leads to abortion.

The film can be called a great success based on the excellent performance by the leading characters of the film. The film consists few emotional moments. The sub plots of the movie do not connect well. The film mainly focuses on the issue of abortion and how it is affecting the country.

The star cast of the movie includes names like Arun Nalawade, Asavari Joshi, Nakul Ghanekar, Sheetal Pathak,Uday Sabnis, Milind Gawali, Swapnil Jadhav, Amit Khopkar, Shirish Ghag and also Rajendra Jadhav. The film also consist music tracks to keep you entertained. The film is short in length. There are scenes in film that can make you rethink and change your mentality about child abortion. Youngsters are also given a message in this film stating to maintain boundaries while early in their relationship. The film has got high ratings and is said to be worth watching by the reviewers.

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