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Lavangi Mirchi Zee Marathi TV Show

Lavangi Mirchi TV Show:

Star cast – Shivani Baokar
TV Channel – Zee Marathi
Director: N/A
Timing – 1.00 PM
Days – Sat to Fri
Release date – 12 February 2023
Total Episode: N/A

Zee Marathi comes again with exciting tv show Lavangi Mirchi which is set to release on Zee Marathi on Feb 2023. It is a story of a young girl who is determined to make her dreams come true despite the odds. The show follows her journey as she faces challenges and learns valuable lessons along the way. This essay will discuss the release date of Lavangi Mirchi, the plot of the show, and the characters featured in the series.

It is a weekly show that airs every Monday at 1.00 pm. The show has been well-received by viewers and has been praised for its unique story line and strong female lead. The show has also been praised for its realistic portrayal of rural life in India.

Lavangi Mirchi Plot

The plot of Lavangi Mirchi revolves around the life of girl, a young girl from a small village in Maharashtra. She is determined to make her dreams come true despite the odds. She faces many challenges along the way, such as poverty, gender discrimination, and lack of education. Despite these obstacles, she never gives up and continues to strive for her goals. The show also focuses on her relationships with her family and friends, and how they help her in her journey.

Lavangi Mirchi Characters

The main character of Lavangi Mirchi is Shivani , played by actress Shivani Baokar. She is a strong-willed young girl who is determined to make her dreams come true. Other characters include her family members, such as her father, mother, and brother; her friends; and her love interest, played by actor Aniket Vishwasrao. The show also features other characters such as Lavangi’s teachers, mentors, and rivals.

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