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Girlfriend Marathi Movie Review : Come fall in love with your girlfriend with a feel-good kind of story

Girlfriend Marathi movie

Girlfriend Marathi Movie Review

Movie – Girlfriend
Director– Upendra Sidhaye
StarringAmey Wagh, Sai Tamhankar,  Rasika Sunil and Isha Keskar
Genre – Comedy and romance
Producer -Anish Jog; Ranjit Gugle
Production Studios – Huge Productions, Pratisad Productions, and Triple Age
Writer – Upendra Sidhaye
Screenplay– Upendra Sidhaye

Rating – 3.0

The film’s story revolves around Nachiket Pradhan played by Amey Wagh who happens to be a misfit. He is a Graphic Designer by profession based in Pune with his Mother played by Kavita Lad and Father played by Yatin Karyekar and younger Brother Rohan played by Tejas Barve. People of his age have settled down with marriage, but he remains single thus making him the victim of taunts and comments from people of his age group. Everyone calls him to fall into a relationship and have a girlfriend. Then comes a lady in his life and the two agree to be in a fake relationship just to allow others to catch things real. However, their fake story turns into a real one and what goes next is interesting to catch.


The movie entertains you in the first frame but soon turned lull and dull. The story seems different but is interrupted too many times at various junctures breaking the momentum of it. However, the way the lead actor Amey Wagh has carried out his performance forward is interesting to catch. Even he has tried to portray the trivial things in the right way. The remaining star cast has done a decent job. The fresh air in the film too seems refreshing. The other actors in the film too have done a decent job including Sai Tamhankar and others.


Somewhere the makers were able to cast the film right that can be vouched from their good performances. The story and the screenplay of the film seemed pretty effortless at different intervals in the movie. All thanks to the competent director and writers who did his job right. Despite his debut film as a director, he proved his knack and competence of making a good movie. The way he has made the climax to work is interesting and catches the show. The songs in the film are good and so is the music, while the quirkiness seems to be striking and remain very much interesting and entertaining.

Girlfriend – The Last Word

The overall story of the film gives you a feel-good kind of vibe. Right from the content, story, direction, and performance, everything has its equal share in making the film a winner. It is a definite watch if you have a similar sort of relationship in your life. This will make you fall in love with your girlfriend.

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