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Faster Fene Movie Review : The interesting drama thriller

Faster Fene

Faster Fene Marathi Movie Review

Director : Aditya Sarpotdar

Studio : Mumbai Film Company, Zee Studios

Star Cast : Amey Wagh, Parna Pethe, Girish Kulkarni, Siddharth Jadhav and Dilip Prabhavalkar

Cinematography (DOP) : Milind Jog

Genre  : Drama

Rating – 3.5


The film is Based on Novel by B R Bhagwat Banesh called Fene. Fene is known for being a charming, witty and a sharp young man having his own unique investigative abilities. One day he comes to Pune for his medical exam. He was moved with one of the incidents and he decides to investigate some foul behind it. Seeking the help of Aajoba, Aboli and Bhubhu he digs deep to realise that the culprit to the foul play is ‘Appa’ who happens to be deadliest manipulator and cruel person. So, will the young and amateur detective teenager expose this man before the society and how is interesting to explore. How about catching it up?

Faster Fene Review

Original Story : The director, Aditya Sarpotdar, who is known to give some good Marathi and Bengali film is back again with a good movie. He has gone out of the way to understand the psyche of the author who has written the novel and then crafted a fresh and new character out of Fene. The logic in which the character was crafted is interesting to explore. All you need is to catch the film with the right spirit and pace or else you would find it misleading. The filmmaker has tried to tread the path of the author, which has an accurate imagination and lot many science in it.

Now talking about the technical aspects of the film. The boy chosen to play Faster Fene responded so well to the character and has played it the way the character demand. Well the credit goes to the director who has done loads of research before actually creating his character and finding the right teenager actor for the film. The others too remained good and competent but not as Appa in it. The music, screenplay and editing went on smooth and similar is the story of other aspects of the film.

Faster Fene Review – The Last Word

The drama thriller is an interesting to catch if you like such films. The fact of the matter is such movies are rare revelation to film industry and the Deshmukhs have been sharp enough to pick the right script for the M Town audience. If you like such genre, it is be a compulsory for movie for you this weekend.


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