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Girish Mohite’s Upcoming Marathi movie ‘Ati Lagu’ discusses ‘live-in’ relationships

Girish Mohite’s Upcoming Marathi movie ‘Ati Lagu’ discusses ‘live-in’ relationships

The M Town films are not short of movies with rich content and the upcoming film of filmmaker  relis no exception, which will debate about the idea of live-in relationships in towns like Pune and Mumbai. The film is titled as Ati Lagu meaning conditions apply, which is a film about live-in relations revolving about the pros and cons of this relationship, which basically against the constitution of marriage claims the director.

The film is all set to release in the first week of August 2016 in the entire Maharashtra state along with Goa and Belagavi in Karnataka state claimed the director.  The film’s story moves around the life of a reserved man and an outspoken woman who is engaged as RJ at a local Radio FM Channel. The two are seen in a live-in relationship as they do not favor the institution of marriage. The lead role is played by Atul Parchure and Dipti Devi apart from the actors like Harshe, Milind Pathak, Atisha Naik, Rajan Tamhane, Radha Kulkarni, Dr Utkarsha Naik, Rewati Limaye and Vinit Sharma will be seen in the supporting roles.

The whole storyline simply triggers the debate seen on marriage versus the live-in relationship wherein you find commitment in both the ends claims the director. The movie is shot in Pune and Satara featuring Dipti Devi who is doing a debut in lead role for the film. The film is produced by Sandesh Mhatre, while the screenplay of the movie is carried out by Sanjay Pawar and the music is composed by Avinash Vishwajit.


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