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Dhurala Movie Review : A promising M Town film to start 2020 on a Good Note

Dhurala Movie Review

Dhurala Movie Review :

Director – Sameer Vidwans
Star castAnkush Chudhary, Sai Tamankar, Siddharth Jadhav, Sonali kulkarni, Prasad oak, Amey Wagh and Alka kubal
Genre – Political Thriller
Producer – Anish Joag, Ranjit Gugle
Production Company – Zee Studios
Ratings – 3.5


The film revolves around the Ubhe family where we have the eldest song that thinks he is competent to fight as a competent village sarpanch once his father has passed away. Many were seen agreeing, however, the politics take things in a different direction bringing in too many twists and turns worth catching in a close-by cinema.


Review: Politics is a dirty game, or so people say. But perhaps politics is just a game of chess where one player outsmarts the other using clever ideas and smart moves. And like chess, the political game isn’t over until one player checkmates the other. Till then, the game can turn around anytime. Dhurala brings this game and the dirty politics to the big screen with a set of big players, each with their sets of strengths and weaknesses. The makers have given some decent films in the past including Double Seat, YZ, and Time Please.

The makers, however, have managed to win streak and thus offer a fitting start to M Town in the New Year Eve. Talking about the performances, the film seems to be a decent one. All the leading actors have done their decent role in the film. So, when we talk about the content and execution part as it happens to have a gripping story and it has impressed one and all for the twist one can see with the performances. The other elements like music, screenplay, editing, photography and other elements have remained decent to boost up the entertainment value of the film in a big way.

Dhurala The Last Word

With all said and done, the fil happens to be a decent watch and it offers a good film option for the M Town cine-goers. You can think of catching up on the film without any regret or risk.


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