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Chatriwali – Star Pravah

Chatriwali Marathi TV Show
Chatriwali Marathi TV Show

TV Show – Chatriwali

Star cast – Sanket Pathak, Namrata Pradhan

Genre – Comedy, drama

TV Channel – Star Pravah

Time – 8 Pm Monday to Friday

Release Date – 18th June 2018

Synopsis: The popular Marathi TV channel called Star Pravah which is a regional channel of Star group is embarking upon a new TV show called Chatriwali. The show has Sanket Pathak and Namrata Pradhan in the lead role, while it will be aired from Monday to Friday thus becoming a five day typical TV chow for the Marathi audience. As per the makers, the TV show will have several features, which include interesting story, good star cast and crew, quality entertainment and other things that make the show interesting to catch. The makers have given an interesting title for the show in order to attract the audience and others alike.

Now, talking about the story of the show, it deals with a confident and, hard working lady called Madhura who is a simple girl and tries to find out beauty only in simplicity is often teased by a guy called Vikram, who is brought-up amidst luxury and leisure having no sense of responsibility for her simplicity. Co-incidentally the lady finds the job in the same office wherein Vikram is already employed. When she joins his office, he tries to control her nature so how things would move between the two would be interesting to know. She has an umbrella so will her relations prosper under the umbrella of relationship. Find out the answer by catching the TV show when it finally hits the small screen of the said TV show.

Besides, Sanket Pathak and Namrata Pradhan. We have others also playing different roles in it. Sanket Pathak has earlier portrayed the character called “Dushyant” in the popular serial “Duheri” which was again aired at Star Pravah and for the lady Namrata playing Madhura, she has her debut in the small screen The promos of the said TV show seems to be getting good buzz on the social media thus making the audiences curious about the same. So, better be ready to catch the TV show with an interesting title from 18th June from which it is starting up.

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