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Pimpal Marathi Movie Review

Pimpal Marathi Movie Review
Pimpal Marathi Movie Review


Pimpal Marathi Movie Review

  • Movie – Pimpal
  • Director – Gajendra Ahire            
  • Star Cast  Priya Bapat, Sakhi Gokhale, Kishore Kadam, Dilip Prabhavalkar and Alok Rajwade         
  • Cinematography – Krishna Soren              
  • Genre – Drama
  • Rating – 3.0/5


The film is all about an old man called Arvind who is in his last stage of elderly life. He wants to stay back alone in India despite his kids have been asking him to return to the US to be with them. Later he changes his mind so what really goes after that would be interesting to explore in the film.


Like all the films of Gajendra Ahire, Pimpal is known to convey tangible message to the audience and this time it has gives a tangible message employing the lead actor Dilip for the same. It is obvious to see how an elderly man misses his life partner, while leads a simple schedule to follow that include getting up early in the morning  go for a walk, have food, talk to his kids and grandchildren based in the US and such trivial things, while he has a man to help in his daily chores one is the caring doctor and other his household man.

He is often called by his children based in the US but is not often interested in going there leaving his memories back, however, one fine day he decides to leave as yearns to have company. The film has a simple story taking the audience to the memory lane; therefore it demands a patience to watch may be it may not attract the young audience for the same.  

Talking about the performances, the film has a couple particularly the character of Arvind played by Prabhavalkar, in fact, he has single handedly taken the film ahead making it a compelling movie to catch this weekend with his authentic performance, while others include Priya Bapat who played the character of the caring doctor. The background score and the music seems good that backs the film making it authentic to catch. The other elements like screenplay, photography and other things seemed okay and have contributed to the entertainment value of the film.

Pimpal The Last Word

The film has touched an important subject presenting it in the most authentic and realistic way, thanks to the incredible performances that supports the film. Being a non-masala film it may not attract all the sections of the M Town audiences, yet it can be a good watch for people wanting to watch some meaningful film.

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