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Marathi Movie Box Office Collection and Movie Collection Worldwide

Thackeray Marathi 1st Weekend box office collection


This Friday, we had one movie releasing in M Town. The film based on the life of Bal Thackeray had a decent watch for the audience as they were able to connect easily able to collect giving a decent start at the box office. As per reports, the 1st day …

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Mumbai apli ahe and Balance first day box office collections

Mumbai Apli Ahe

It was a busy day for M Town as we had three film releasing today, which include Nashibwan and the two Mumbai apli ahe and Balance. Let’s talk about the Mumbai Apli Ahe first. Well, the film had a decent buzz ever since the trailer was released. It appeared to …

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Nashibwan First Day box office Collection

Nashibvaan Marathi Movie

The M Town had two movies to release today, which certainly include the one called as Nashibwan. The film had a decent star cast and also bagged decent reviews by most of the critics in the media. Inspired by the story called Dilli Ki Deewar by Uday Prakash, the film …

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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 First Week Box Office Collection

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

The Mumbai Pune Mumbai happens to be a popular franchise in M Town. Every time the film hit the screens, it has managed to give you a decent collection at the box office. The makers when released the third part they expected a decent surge at the box office. The …

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Mauli 1st Week Box Office Collection

Mauli review

The Riteish Deshmukh starrer film Mauli was released last Friday amidst good buzz in the media giving a decent collection at the box office. Ever since the film was announced it remained in the presence of different discussions among the M Town audience. With passing time, the buzz went louder …

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Mauli first Day Box Office Collection

Mauli 1st Day Box Office Collection

Amidst all buzz, the M Town film Mauli has hit the screens today. The film have Riteish Deshmukh has his own aura and swag in M Town after all he is also a known Bollywood actor. Hence we saw the film working on day one in a decent fashion. The …

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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 1st Day Box office Collection

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

The M Town has two films to release, which include the Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3. The film happens to be the third part of the M Town romantic drama franchise, which came first around nine years before. Every time the film came with its first and second part, the film …

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Madhuri 1st Day Box Office Collection

Madhuri Marathi Movie

The M Town had one film to release, which came in the form of Madhuri. The film had a good story and content while it seemed to lag behind in other aspects that made the makers to get mixed rating for their films. The film despite having stars failed to …

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Mulshi Pattern 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Mulshi Pattern

  The M Town has some decent amount of releases, which comes in the form of Mulsi Pattern. The film talks about the grim reality of the society which our Indian state is pitted with. The reviews have been good for the film and that have created a decent amount …

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Majhya baikocha priyakar first day box office

Majhya baikocha priyakar

  For the M Town audience, there was only one movie to release, which came in the form of Majhya Baykocha priyakar first day box office. The film was of drama and romance genre but considering the mixed reviews, the film failed to garner a decent word of mouth buzz …

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