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Ghar Banduk Biryani Total Box Office Collection Till Date

Ghar Banduk Biryani Opening Weekend

“Ghar Banduk Biryani,” the latest Marathi movie directed by debutant filmmaker Hemant Awtade, has hit the box office with a bang. The film has garnered positive reviews from both critics and audiences, and its first-day box office collection has been impressive.

According to reports from Box Office Business, “Ghar Banduk Biryani” has grossed a total of Rs. 50 Lakhs on its opening day. This is an excellent start for a film that was made on a modest budget and had minimal pre-release hype.

The movie features an ensemble cast that includes some of Marathi cinema’s finest actors, including Akash Thosar and Sayli Patil. The film tells the story of a dysfunctional family that comes together for a wedding, and the events that unfold during their time together.

Ghar Banduk Biryani Budget

Despite being a relatively low-budget movie, “Ghar Banduk Biryani” has managed to generate a lot of interest among audiences, thanks to its strong storyline, brilliant performances, and excellent direction. The film has been praised for its realistic portrayal of family dynamics and its ability to capture the essence of Marathi culture and traditions.

The film’s box office success is a testament to the growing popularity of Marathi cinema, which has been producing a string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films in recent years. “Ghar Banduk Biryani” is expected to continue its winning streak in the days to come, as it continues to draw audiences to the theatres with its engaging storyline and top-notch performances.

Overall, “Ghar Banduk Biryani” is a movie that is not to be missed, especially for fans of Marathi cinema. With its impressive box office collection and positive reviews, the film is poised to become one of the biggest hits of the year and cement its place as a classic in the Marathi film industry.

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