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Bun Maska TV Serial

Bun Maska TV Serial

TV Serial : Bun Maska (Zee Yuva)
Producer : Vinod Lavekar, Sandesh Kulkarni and Nikhil Sheth
Director : Vinod Lavekar
Production House : POTADI entertainments
Star Cast : Shivraj Waichal, Shivani Rangole, Jyoti Subhash, Rucha Apte
Channel : Zee Yuva
Starting Date : 22nd Augiust 2016
Starting Time : 8:00Pm Monday To Friday

The newly launched channel Zee Yuva from the Zee Group has obviously new set of TV serials, which certainly include the one called Bun Maska. The TV serial is all set to hit on 22nd August 2016 on the prime time. The TV serial is launched in a style of any B Town format as its makers were seen releasing its song along with its promos and other things in the media in order to create the buzz before the TV could hit the channel. Earlier a song sung by Jashraj Joshi and Soniya Mundhe was seen getting released to just build the rapport in the media.

As the very name of the channel happens to be Zee Yuva, it certainly intends to attract the urban based youth hailing from the Marathi audience. This serial revolves around the life of few friends and the name of the serial has come in a way symbolic to food the youth like the most in Mumbai, which is nothing but Bun Maska.

The makers of the TV serial are yet to share much of the details except the basic ones, which include the star cast of the TV serial called Shivani Rangole and Shivraj Waichal. Keep checking for more details by logging here for this serial and others.

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