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What’s Up Lagna Movie Review : A One Time Watch Film Courtesy to Good Performances

What’s Up Lagna Movie


What’s Up Lagna Movie Review :


Movie–  What’s Up Lagna

Director: Vishwas Joshi

Star Cast:  Vaibhav Tatwawdi, Prarthana Behere, and Veena Jagtap

Genres: Drama

Producer: Jaee Joshi

Studio– Video Palace, Fincraft Media & Entertainment

Runtime – 148 min.

Rating – 3.0


The lead actors in roles including Aakash and Ananya are known to meet on a cab ride. They are just the opposite of each other Akash is a perfect in her personal and professional life while Ananya is seen doing all the mess. Soon we see them with one or the other and they end up since falling in love. Soon they get married as we see opposite attract, but few months down the line they realize their difference so what goes the next is interesting to explore.


The good thing about the film is that when a couple get married and settle down both are supposed to comprise rather the female counterpart only doing the same. The next good thing about the film is that it never puts into any moral discourse about the ideal relationship rather than focusing on what really hampers a modern day relation. The film despite having a longer runtime seems not doing any spoon feeding and thus giving several sequences without any spoon feeding allowing the viewers to have their own interpretation.

Talking about the performances, both Vaibhav and Prathana have been sincere in their roles and have portrayed best of their performances. The couple managed to showcase a good on-screen chemistry thanks to their good rapport they share off-screen. Also the supporting actors in the film have managed to give decent performances, which include Vidyadhar Joshi, Vikram Gokhale and Ila Bhate, Sneha Raikar and Vandana Gupte who all played the best role in the film.

What’s Up Lagana The Last Word

The film is a one-time watch piece thanks to the good performances and some of interesting aspects of the story that constitute a decent film.

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